Willkommen auf meinem kleinen und bescheidenen Blog. Hier erwarten Dich mehr oder weniger persönliche Dinge aus meinem Leben. Vielleicht gefällt es Dir ja hier (:


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General Love

Trust me, you're more amazing than you think.

piglet: how do you spell love?
pooh: you don't spell it. you feel it.

if love is stupid
i stupid you.

You know when you're in love
Because reality is finally starting to
get better than your dreams.

i love you for everything you are and everything you do

love is like standing on wet cement --
the longer you stay ;; the harder it is to
leave && you can never let go without
leaving your foot prints behind

In Love

never interrupt a girl listening to her Ipod; she's probably listening to that song about him again

someone asked me,
"why do you like him so much?"
but before I could even reply my
best friend put her hand over my mouth
& said "don't even get her started."

People ask me, "Why do you like him if he doesn't like you?" Well thats a good point, but I don't decide who I like; that's what my heart does.

who do you wanna be? the guy I tell my secrets to, or the guy my secrets are about?

This is the boy that I want;
this is the boy that's gonna make me fall in love.

some people may never understand
what i see in you & thats perfectly fine with me because i don't want them to.

i just dont want anyone else to get the chance to see how amazing you are.

theres no other feeling in the world like knowing that he could be with any girl in the entire world, but he chooses to be with me.

Caution; I may have the sudden urge to kiss you. Be prepared.

Be mine. Nothing more, nothing less.

You must've been something special to me,
because I remember every word you said.

no matter how far or near you are,
with or without the sunshine,
i`ll always carry your name in my heart

whenever she reads a
poem or quote about
love, one person is
running through her head
the whole time.
him <3

He placed his head to hear her heart &
whispered this is my new favorite song

It was time to go home,
to go home without each other.
I said "I love you", he said the same.
I said "Call me when you miss me",
he smiled and kissed me.
I walked towards my car, and my phone rang.

When he holds me close,
and I can hear his heartbeat,
and kiss his lips, I realize,
this is where I want to be,
and this is how I want to feel.

Go up behind her and tickle her.
She'll scream and yell & tell you to stop;
but I promise you that inside she loves it.

He made her realize it is possible
to have permanent butterflies.

you cant be close enough unless i can feel your heart beat

& I'd rather be standing outside in the
freezing cold with you than to be
warm in the arms of somone else.

When he holds me close,
and I can hear his heartbeat,
and kiss his lips, I realize,
this is where I want to be,
and this is how I want to feel.

You’re the guy who makes me run into things
because i'm always looking at you (:

and he's the type of guy that makes you love your name just because of the way he says it.

when i wake up the first thing
i want to do is ; see your face

»Good Lie.

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